She's So Tall Tanya, Overcoming Breast Cancer

Amazing photographer and breast cancer survivor Tanya Hearn, the tall influencer behind She's So Tall Tanya is representing as a Height Goddess.

Tanya was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in April 2016, changing her life forever.  She had to immediately adjust her busy lifestyle, from working two jobs and traveling, to stepping back to process this life-altering news. She never gave up hope and continued to fight her battle which she always felt was just “Temporary”.

Take a sit down with us as Tanya shares how she overcame breast cancer and continues to share her testimony with cancer patients, survivors, and others in the community.



In this episode we chatted about:

  • How Tanya grew to love being a Height Goddess 
  • Tanya's journey of overcoming breast cancer to celebrating being a breast cancer survivor
  • Being a tall influencer and the photography skills behind her vibrant pictures.


She's So Tall Tanya | HEIGHT GODDESS


Tanya Hearn of She's So Tall Tanya | HEIGHT GODDESS


Where to find Tanya Hearn


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