Be the Buyer

As a tall woman creating clothing for tall women, I want to provide quality pieces that are timeless. My team and I take into consideration designs that provide longevity and timelessness, fabrics that are best for the environment and we work with production companies that are fair and ethical.  We think about zero waste and repairing or redesigning from current designs in addition to saving our scraps for other uses.

My team and I are certainly not experts in slow fashion, nor in the complex environmental issues within the fashion industry, but we are aware of our responsibility to continue to learn more and be thoughtful about our design process, our fabric choices, and our relationships with the people who cut and sew our clothes, while seeking out the best quality work.


How It Works

1. We DESIGN a collection of clothing and you have the ultimate word in what gets produced.

2. When you SHOP your order supports sustainable shopping practices. We only make what you order, this avoids waste and allows us to focus on styles that you actually want rather than what we think you want.

3. HEIGHT GODDESS takes care of the rest, we'll DELIVER your order as soon as it's ready.