Lameka Weeks, Creator of HEIGHT GODDESS

I’m Lameka, the founder of HEIGHT GODDESS. I created this company for women like myself (I'm 6'1); women who love their height, embrace their uniqueness and encourages this confidence in others. The HEIGHT GODDESS community is a place where we can engage and connect about everything from relationships and careers to fashion and health.

Growing up, I was beyond frustrated with what traditional clothing lines were offering to the tall woman. Either the apparel was too short, ill-fitting or completely unflattering. And that’s what I found on a good day. On a bad day? I was buying men’s clothes! I knew I couldn’t be the only tall woman feeling this way, so in 2007 I set out to create a clothing line that was stylish, contemporary and specifically designed for a longer frame. And I did!

From fashion, my vision grew. I didn’t just want to clothe tall women, I wanted us to connect and share our stories and unique perspectives. From One Height Goddess To Another podcast blossomed from there. It’s my platform for Height Goddesses of all ages and from all walks of life to listen and feel supported and inspired.  

Although it started out as a clothing line, HEIGHT GODDESS has grown beyond what you put on your body. It’s about celebrating who you are, inside and out. It’s about your interests, your aspirations, your opinions. HEIGHT GODDESS is about you . . . every beautiful inch of you.