Kristen Berset Harris, life as a TV Host and Height Goddess

Inspiring, beautiful with contagious energy is how I'd like to describe my guest Kristen Berset Harris. Kristen is an award-winning TV Host on Great Day Washington. Berset-Harris is a former Miss Florida USA and made it into the final ten in the 2004 Miss USA competition. In 2017 Kristen received a breast cancer diagnosis for the second time in her life, she is committed to making an impact on the life of someone affected by breast cancer.

You will love this episode with Kristen where we discuss fashion, business and everything in between that comes along with being an award winning tv host. 



In this episode we chatted about:

  • How Kristen grew to love being a Height Goddess 
  • Using height to her advantage as a swimmer, tennis player and as Miss Florida
  • Living the life you've imagined


Kristen Berset Harris host of Great Day Washington


Where to find Kristen Berset Harris



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