Rajahnique Jones, Business Owner of Grocery Outlet

I was so excited to have Rajahnique back on the podcast From One Height Goddess To Another. Not only do I love her style, she's talking my entrepreneurial language. Rajahnique is the owner of Long Beach Grocery Outlet.

You will love this episode with Rajahnique where we discuss fashion, business and everything in between that comes along with being an Height Goddess


In this episode we chatted about:

  • What lead Rajahnique and her husband to open a grocery store 
  • It's a family affair, how her kids work in the business
  • How they have managed their grocery business during the pandemic
  • Update on Tall N Natural how it shows her silly personality 

 Charles & Rajahnique Jones Owners of Long Beach Wardlow Grocery Outlet

Where to find Rajahnique 


Instagram - Vallejo Grocery Outlet

Instagram - Tall N Natural

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Thank you for listening to another episode of From One Height Goddess to Another. 

Until the next episode, Peace!

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