Yule be grateful for these gifting tips from J. Enovy of Tall District

For this months episode I've enlisted my girl J. Enovy, Founder of the blog Tall District to help us talls get better gifts this holiday season. J. Enovy is an amazing woman who created Tall District in 2013 to provide a comprehensive online resource for tall men and women. If you want to get better gifts this holiday season, sharing this episode with your friends and family should be at the top of your list. Click play to listen to our conversation.

In this episode of From One HEIGHT GODDESS To Another you will find out:



If you want better gifts, you might want to share this podcast episode”

- J. Enovy Founder of Tall District



Where to find J. Enovy, TALL District






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Tune in next month for our latest episode to hear my interview with another amazing Height Goddess.

Until next month, Peace!


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