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For this month’s episode, I wanted to focus on various ways to give forward with children, so I reached out to Dozie Oheri, the founder of Choose to Do, Inc. a non-profit organization that focuses on empowering and supporting children physically and mentally while teaching them valuable life skills for a positive and healthier life. Join me in this thought-provoking episode as Dozie drops gems of wisdom for changing the way our youth sees the world. Click play to listen to our conversation.

 In this episode of From One HEIGHT GODDESS To Another you will find out:

  • What life was like for Dozie growing up as a tall girl
  • How her friends helped her embrace her height
  • What Dozie let go of when she discovered dresses and long pants
  • What keeps her positive and motivated
  • What lead Dozie to start a non-profit focused on the physical and mental benefits of positive thinking with children
  • How her program Breaking the Cycle impacts girls age 9 to 19
  • How you can gift yourself or a loved one and support Choose to Do Inc.



It’s a confidence factor, it’s who I am...I’m tall and I like this!

- Dozie Oheri Founder of Choose to DO Inc. 



Where to find Choose to DO, Inc.





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