Nache Snow, Who would you be if you knew you could not fail?

Hey Girl Hey! I am still riding high and fierce as we continue to celebrate how incredibly awesome we are during Women’s History Month! In this episode, I am joined by graphic designer and creator of the inspiring podcast, “Studio 78”, Nache’ Snow. She’s a multi-passionate person who is definitely comfortable and confident in the beautiful skin she’s in. Get your paper and pen ready, click play and pay close attention as Nache’ teaches us how to be goal-getters!



I’ve been following her for a pretty good while, and her creativity always sparks a fire within me. Not only is she focused and positive, but she is also artistically aware. Everything she creates is aesthetically creative. Whether she’s motivating others to manage their time more efficiently or offering advice and productivity tips, her entrepreneurial spirit is absolutely amazing. During this episode, Nache’ candidly reveals how she became comfortable with her height at an early age.  I can honestly say I’ve learned a lot in this episode, and I would like for you to do the same.  

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Tune in next month for our latest episode to hear my interview with another amazing Height Goddess.

Until next month, Peace!

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