Tall Girl Slouch with Dr. Amy L. McIntosh

In this episode of From One Height Goddess to Another, I am totally excited to be talking with one of the leading orthopedic spine surgeons in the country. Dr. Amy L. McIntosh is definitely a rare breed. She believes her height has given her a strong advantage as a spine surgeon because it allows her to be noticed and respected in a male-dominated field.

Working with The Perry Initiative, Dr. McIntosh is an inspiration and role model to many young girls who aspire to become Orthopedic Surgeons. She reveals how important it is to have great posture as a tall person, and how the “Tall Girl Slouch” can affect us both physically and mentally. Listen carefully as Dr. McIntosh explains her definition of success and how following your own journey can blaze a trail to greatness.

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 You are not like anyone else in the room

- Dr. Amy L. McIntosh



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