Maulana Dotch, Golf Professional PGA/LPGA

This month's guest I met back in 2014 when she was being honored as one of the Top 25 Women in Dallas. Maulana Dotch is my guest this month on From One HEIGHT GODDESS To Another. Maulana is a PGA/LPGA Certified Teaching Professional. She has taken her love for golf and people and made it her career. Maulana is the first African American woman in Texas and second African American woman in America to earn her Class A PGA Membership. She also has membership with the LPGA.

As a member of the PGA and LPGA, Maulana is passionate about driving the growth of the game by being a figure to introduce all kids, minorities and women to the game. She loves helping people to play better and get more enjoyment from the game of golf. I surely hope Maulana can help me, I am very challenged when it comes to playing golf. 






From One HEIGHT GODDESS To Another is the podcast for tall women loving all things tall. 


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