Jaclyn Houston, A Whole Lotta Lovely

Like Jaclyn, I live a pretty healthy lifestyle by eating mostly plant-based foods and exercising. One day while putting make-up on and drinking a green juice, I thought about the make-up I was using, what chemicals were in them and how they could be affecting my body. Voila, Jaclyn Houston of A Whole Lotta Lovely appeared in my Instagram feed!

Jaclyn started A Whole Lotta Lovely blog to help other women transition to a healthier and cleaner beauty routine. Jaclyn says, "Making the transition to green beauty can seem overwhelming at first, but there are so many great brands out there that perform just as well as the conventional products we’re used to, if not better!" Click the play icon below to listen to the awesome tips Jaclyn has for making your transition easier.




Jaclyn Houston at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiang Mai


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