Marlen Komar, What If Every Outfit You Wore Made You Feel Amazing

I was standing in my closet thinking "I just wanted to throw everything away" when I decided to search for styling ideas to get me out of this funk (yeah, I was having one of those days). My next search was how to purge my closet without regretting it, lol. Not only did my search give me a simple way to purge my closet, this article was written by a fellow Height Goddess!!! My mood instantly changed. I quickly sent Marlen an email and she replied. Click the play icon below to listen to our conversation, it's so much more than purging your closet.

In this episode of From One HEIGHT GODDESS To Another with Marlen Komar you will find out:

  • What lead Marlen to throw out 80% of her closet and the tricks she used to get it done.
  • Tips for keeping the outfits you love front and center.
  • Thrifting and being a tall girl...
  • As a Freelance Writer how being a tall woman has impacted her career .
  • Marlen travels half of the year, what's her travel style?
  • How Marlen embraced her height when she realized she was tall. 



I’d rather have everyday wearing a fabulous outfit that makes me want to shimmy every time I catch my reflection.

- Marlen Komar


Prom: The moment Marlen realized she was tall.


Marlen Komar: Lover of Mom Jeans


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