Lavida Samuel, Keeping Our Long Limbs Moisturized

If you’ve ever wanted to smear yourself with body butter Elle Vie Body Products is the perfect choice! It's really the perfect body butter, as soon as it touches your skin the whipped consistency starts to melt into your skin. AND it's all natural (SCORE!!!). Lavida Samuel is the owner of Elle Vie Body Products and she is a fellow Height Goddess. Click the play icon below to listen to our conversation. 

In this episode of From One HEIGHT GODDESS To Another with Lavida Samuel you will find out:

  • If Lavida played a sport.
  • The struggle she had growing up, beyond being tall.
  • Why Micheal Jackson's Thriller video was her saving grace.
  • How has her height influenced her business.
  • What lead Lavida to create her own body product line.
  • How her products keep you from being ashy (lol, I love saying "ashy") and new products launching soon.
  • Of course we talking about dating and being married to a tall man!



If you’ve always done, what you’ve always did,

then you always get what you’ve always got.

- Lavida Samuel, Success Quote




Where to find Lavida Samuel & Elle Vie Body Products, 




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