Laila Muhammad of Morning Dose, Women's History Month

My guest this month greets me with a high wattage smile each morning as the news anchor for a nationally syndicated morning show. Laila Muhammad of Morning Dose is a seasoned journalist, host and television personality. She's also a wanna be lip model who loves pineapples, exercise, travel and being a backup dancer for Beyonce (in her mind) LOL. Laila gave me so much laughter and energy, I'm excited to share our conversation. Click the play icon below to listen to our conversation, and learn how Laila has learned to embrace being tall.

In this episode of From One HEIGHT GODDESS To Another with Laila Muhammad, you will find out:

  • What it was like being a tall girl in an all women's college
  • How she's embraced being tall and how she feels about being tall now
  • When she decided she wanted a career in journalism
  • What it's like being a tall on-air personality
  • How her height influences her fashion and how she dresses for TV
  • What keeps her positive and motivated



I’ve learned to own the room. I’ve had posture issues growing up and I think that was a result of me not wanting to look so tall. So I always hunched over. But now I sit up straight. I walk tall.

- Laila Muhammad




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