Jessica Martini, Tall Girl Yogi

I was immediately fascinated to talk with Jessica Martini, there were so many questions I had for her. I reached out to Jessica to find out her tall girl story and to give me yoga tips. (LOL) I love being able to find my fellow Height Goddesses to share our stories.

In this episode of From One HEIGHT GODDESS To Another with Jessica Martini, you will find out:

  • How having a tall mom was a unique bonding experience
  • Facing height discrimination changed her path
  • How playing softball lead Jessica to finding her strength and playing to her assets
  • What she loves about being tall and how she’s used it to be successful in her adult life
  • My plea to Jessica to inform the travel industry about accommodating tall people. :)
  • What drew Jessica to yoga and how she became a yoga instructor.
  • How yoga helped Jessica feel like super woman during her pregnancy
  • What type of yoga Jessica suggested I try since my mind wonders when I do “traditional” yoga.
  • How yoga can help with the tall girl “slouch”



All the things I love about being tall are all the things I hated about being tall when I was younger.

- Jessica Martini




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