Brooke Banker, NYC Model with the Longest Legs

I came across Brooke Banker while watching The Wendy Williams Show about two years ago, Brooke was named NYC Model with the longest legs. She is pretty awesome and I thought to myself I would love to talk with her! Ha, now she's my guest, click the play icon below to listen to Brooke tell how she got the title and her career as a model.

In this episode of From One HEIGHT GODDESS To Another you will find out:

  • How Brooke’s height has shaped her life
  • What made Brooke pursue being a model full time
  • How Brooke got the title NYC Model with the longest legs
  • What Brooke learned about herself after being name NYC Model with the longest legs



Confidence is a win win situation. #tallgirl

- Brooke Banker



Where to find Brooke Banker



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Tune in next Wednesday for our latest episode to hear my interview with another amazing Height Goddess.

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