FashionPreneur Leah Frazier

What is a Fashionprenuer?

Leah Frazier is my guest this week, she's telling us about how she left her career of being an attorney to being a full-time fashionprenuer. Click the play icon below to listen to Leah tell how she made the transition from attorney to fashionprenuer. 

In this episode of From One HEIGHT GODDESS To Another you will find out:

  • What it means to be a FashionPreneur
  • What lead Leah leave behind life as full time Attorney to be a FashionPreneur
  • How Leah helps her clients find their signature style
  • How being tall has given Leah power in her business
  • Leah’s take on the dating world…
  • How she plans to change the face of fashion in Dallas



We still want to wear our 4 inch heels & not flood #TallGirls

- Leah Frazier


Where to find Leah Frazier





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