The Best Heels for Tall Women

What are the best heels for tall women? In my opinion, any heel she wants to wear is the best heel for a tall woman.  I don’t believe a woman should be admonished for wearing heels just because she is tall. Many tall women wear heels because it gives them an even more height advantage, elongates the legs, and makes them feel confident.


Why do tall women wear heels?


Now for the record,  I am not a fan of kitten heels because they are unflattering to your legs; however, it is still your choice to wear them. If I ever get a chance to meet or have former First Lady Michelle Obama on my podcast, “From One Height Goddess to Another,” the one question I must ask, “Why did you wear kitten heels in the inauguration?” I know, I know, I am seriously judging right now, LOL, but I seriously want to know if it was her choice or did her stylist recommend the kitten heels as a better fashion option. More importantly, I would like to know if the kitten heel option was to keep her shorter than her husband, former President Obama. Trust me, I have some serious questions to ask!


First Lady Michelle Obama wearing Kitten Heels

In all honesty, I believe tall women should do what works best for them. Some stylists suggest wearing a more reasonable heel for corporate or office setting because it is better for your feet. The goal when wearing heels is not to feel overwhelmed. When tall women choose to wear heels, they should fit well, increase posture, and not induce pain. Tight shoes or any shoe that makes you feel like you’re walking on rocks or hot coal, is a no-no. Recently talk show host diva and celebrity gossip guru, Wendy Williams, had to give up the four to five-inch heels due to health concerns. Standing at 5’10”, Wendy shared in a moment of transparency with audience members her battle and struggles with Graves’ Disease.  Her doctors recommended she wear flats and dump the heels as she is a “fall risk.” Wendy informed her audience that Graves’ Disease, “Messes with her balance.” There are other tall women who may also face health challenges that prevent them from wearing really tall heels.


Heels come in various forms and styles. Below are heels that work best for tall women.

Block Heels-Block heels are statement shoes that keep your feet low to the ground but still give tall women a secure height. 

Block Heel for Tall Women


Medium Heel-Usually between three and four inches in height, medium heels are mostly worn in office settings because they are comfortable yet stylish. 

Medium Heel for Tall Women

Wedge Heels
-Wedges can be stylish yet comfy at the same time. Many tall women prefer a wedge because it doesn’t take away from their height and doesn’t feel or look chunky. 

Wedge Heel For Tall Women

Pumps-This is the “to go to shoe” because it is neither too tall or too short, but it gives tall women an elevated look without looking or feeling too heavy on the foot. It comes in a variety of heights. 

Pumps for Tall Women


Whatever you choose to wear, remember confidence is key. Whether you decide to rock a kitten or stiletto heel, make sure you’re confident and rock your own style!


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