How the name HEIGHT GODDESS came to be

It was a beautiful day in Miami, I was living my best life!

My entire career I've worked remotely and traveled. My car has always been a great office for me, I get so much done when I work in the car. (that’s a whole other post). I had my laptop open on the passenger seat with my Wifi plugged into my USB port.


Lameka Weeks, does her best work in the car


At this point, I knew I wanted to do something with tall women and clothing. I had thought about opening a brick and mortar store however after researching and speaking with owners of other tall clothing boutiques open at the time, I knew opening a boutique wouldn’t work.



It was at that time I decided I would have to design and manufacture my own clothing for tall women. I would tell anyone who would listen what my plans were, then they would ask, “what’s the name of it?" Ummm, I haven’t figured that out yet.

Well on this beautiful day in Miami I was driving down the highway, saw a shopping center with a store that had goddess in the name. I can’t even remember the full name of the boutique. Out loud I said “Goddess of Height” then HEIGHT GODDESS. Once I said HEIGHT GODDESS, I knew that was it. At this point, I had pages and pages of names I had written down none of them gave me the feeling this one did. I pulled over, grabbed my computer and purchased the domain name. 

What I had told so many people about became real, that something in clothing for tall women finally had a name…HEIGHT GODDESS!

- Xoxo, Lameka


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