Tall Men: Attracted To or Intimidated By Tall Women

Tall Men, what's up?!?!

I'm discussing a hot topic a lot of tall women would like to know... Are tall men attracted to or intimidated by tall women? I have the pleasure of speaking with Gerard Davis of Bearded and Co., to get one tall mans opinion on this matter. Take a listen and let me know if this is how you fell about dating tall women. I really want to know!

In this episode of From One HEIGHT GODDESS To Another with Gerard Davis you will find out:

  • What Gerard thinks about tall women feeling like tall men aren't attracted to them.
  • How height has influenced Gerard's career choice.
  • The short girl approach...
  • The beauty of tall women and dating tips



If you’re attracted to somebody and you’re feeling them, I think you just gotta go for it.

- Gerard Davis


Gerard Davis of Bearded and Co.


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