Giraffes & Jewels with Madison Hunnicutt

Madsion Hunnicut is a 20 something Dallas native obsessed with all things fashion, marketing and business. Madison created her blog Giraffes & Jewels as a way to share her life of overcoming the tall girl struggle and attempting to out fab everyone in her path. Listen as we discuss how Madison has embraced her height, how it has shaped her life and tips for those wanting a fashion career.

In this episode of From One HEIGHT GODDESS To Another you will find out:

  • Growing up tall, Madison’s tall girl story
  • Madison’s go to style
  • Giraffes and Jewels…Madison has the best names!
  • Being open to different fashion career paths
  • Madison’s favorite thing(s) about being tall



Embracing your height comes with growing up, it’s only something that makes you better and gives you an edge.

- Madison Hunnicutt



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