Beauty & Business with Lisa Marie Hintze

"Just by walking in to a room you already command attention" This is exactly what happened when I met Lisa Marie Hintze in the airport. Little did I know she would become one of my favorite people. We're talking the business of beauty and how being a tall woman has impacted Lisa's career. 

  • What life was like growing up, as a “tall girl”  for Lisa
  • What Lisa learned from a woman who gave her brother advice
  • How being a Mary Kay, Independent Sales Director has impacted her life and the lives of women she works with
  • Steps Lisa has taken to help women overcome a lack of confidence
  • Success tips from Lisa
  • What advice Lisa gave her daughter after rubbing elbows with the Nationals of Mary Kay



My intention & focus is to make sure women feel important.

-Lisa Marie Hintze




Where to find Mary Kay, Independent Sales Director Lisa Marie Hintze



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